Business Partnership Dispute Lawyer

Disputes between business partners or shareholders in a closed corporation can arise for many reasons. Partners or shareholders may disagree about a company's direction. If a business is profitable, these individuals may disagree about their share of profits. When these disputes escalate, it can jeopardize the company's existence. Working with a strong business lawyer can help protect your wealth and your future.

At Mastriani Law Firm, PC, we offer more than 25 years of experience representing small to midsized businesses involved in disputes across Texas. Over our firm's history, we have helped numerous partners and shareholders effectively resolve intrabusiness disputes. We represent businesses and shareholders who disagree on matters such as:

  • Partnership revenues
  • Control of assets by partners or shareholders
  • Change of control by partners or shareholders
  • Poorly written partnership or shareholder agreements

Houston Attorneys Handling Partnership And Corporate Shareholder Disputes

In all shareholder or partnership disputes, our attorneys will take immediate action geared toward resolving your issues on the best possible terms. We have substantial trial experience and will not hesitate to bring your case before a judge if this is likely to achieve the desired outcome. In other situations, a negotiated settlement may lead to an equally just result, without the expense or uncertainty of litigation.

In many situations, partnership and shareholder disputes arise because key elements were lacking during business formation. Too often, partners fail to enter into agreements that clearly establish the roles and responsibilities of each partner, believing that written contracts are a sign of distrust between participants. In reality, many business disputes could be avoided with thorough, strategic, well-drafted agreements. With decades of experience writing and litigating corporate contracts, our attorneys know how to create agreements that establish parameters for partnerships and allow them to grow effectively.

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