Business Dissolution

When a business venture has run its course, dissolution will be the next and final step. Ideally, a company will have language in its partnership agreement or articles of incorporation that carefully lay out what should happen in the event of dissolution. These documents should clearly explain when any party has the right to dissolve and how it will occur.

If a corporation's articles of incorporation do not contain a dissolution clause or if a partnership agreement lacks a dissolution clause, it can make matters very complicated. In either of these situations, an attorney will be necessary to work out an equitable arrangement. At Mastriani Law Firm, PC, we offer a free consultation with an experienced business attorney to discuss how best to proceed.

Helping Dissolve Texas Businesses In An Orderly Fashion

Houston attorney John Mastriani has worked with small to midsized businesses for more than a quarter-century. Over this time, he has worked with clients in nearly every type of situation, including dissolution. Our firm's work in this field involves all types of dissolutions, including:

  • Voluntary dissolution
  • Involuntary dissolution
  • Marriage or death of a business partner or participant
  • Death of a shareholder
  • Right to buy out a shareholder, participant or partner
  • Business sale
  • Business succession
  • Business closing

We recognize that even when business owners have strong relationships at the start of their ventures, disputes can arise that cannot be solved. When faced with those difficulties, working with an experienced lawyer can help ensure that the business and its participants and partners are able to move forward effectively.

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