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Contracts are of an important part of building profitable business relationships. When one party to a contract breaches its terms, it can have serious consequences that impact many parties. In certain situations, a real or alleged contract breach will lead to litigation. Any business about to enter litigation must retain the services of skilled and experienced Houston business lawyer.

At Mastriani Law Firm, PC, we have prosecuted and defended breach of contract claims for more than 25 years. With offices in Houston, Dallas and Austin, we work with small to midsized businesses across Texas to identify the most effective ways to protect their best interests. Over our firm's history, we have litigated all types of contract disputes, including:

Whatever type of contractual dispute your company is involved in, our versatile and strategic approach will give you the best chance to favorably resolve it.

Houston Contract Dispute Attorney

When a business violates the terms of a contract, the automatic reaction might be to file a lawsuit. While a lawsuit might be the best method of dispute resolution, it is not always the best. There may be times, such as when a company is insolvent, that a lawsuit is not likely to have the desired impact. Bringing a lawsuit even if the other party will not be able to pay can waste a business's resources.

In every case, our lawyers will help our clients determine the most strategic way to move forward. However your case is resolved, we will find the most economical solution.

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