Houston Commercial Lease Dispute Lawyer

The lease is a critical consideration for businesses of all sizes in all industries. Securing a good lease requires working with the landlord or broker in order to develop a lease upon which both parties can agree. An attorney will be instrumental in drafting, negotiating and finalizing favorable lease terms. When a commercial lease dispute is your concern, it's also essential to have a commercial lease attorney.

Lawyer John Mastriani knows business law and has represented clients in numerous contract disputes all across Texas in cities including Houston, Dallas and Austin. He also works with businesses to ensure that the terms of a lease meet his clients' immediate and long-term objectives.

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Working With A Commercial Landlord

New challenges are presented when a business is forming or expanding into new space. The difficultly isn't over after the lease is signed. Sometimes terms are ambiguous and a business owner needs to challenge a landlord in court.

Here are some important ways John Mastriani can assist with your commercial lease:

  • He can ensure that provisions regarding the suitability of the premises are fair and that they don't put you at an unfair financial disadvantage.
  • When a defect is found in the terms of the lease, he can negotiate with the opposing party to ensure a fair solution.
  • When security is important, he can develop clear expectations so there are no surprises.
  • When landscaping and the outward appearance of the building are a concern, he can work to ensure your needs are reflected in any document you sign.
  • When a tenant believes the landlord has violated terms of the lease, he can negotiate with the landlord for a fair outcome.

These concerns are important for all business spaces, but can become critical for leases within shopping centers or strip malls.

A Client-Centered Approach

The individual needs of each client are of utmost concern to Mastriani Law Firm, PC. John takes the time to understand the unique needs of each business client before recommending a course of action.

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