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Ownership of private property is a cornerstone of American life. In addition to being a constitutional right, any real estate purchase of real estate is a major investment. In limited circumstances, however, the government does have the right to take private property under its eminent domain powers. In these situations, the property owner has the right to recover fair compensation for this land. If your company faces the loss of land under eminent domain powers, it is vital to work closely with an experienced lawyer.

At Mastriani Law Firm, PC, our Houston eminent domain lawyers work hard to ensure that our clients receive fair market value for the loss of their property. We offer a free consultation to discuss your legal issues.

Landowners' Rights In Texas

The first clause in the Texas Landowner's Bill of Rights states that you are "entitled to receive adequate compensation if your property is taken for public use." Despite this straightforward statement, many government agencies fail to offer property owners fair market value for the use of their land.

This is particularly the case in situations where the government takes only a portion of a company's land. In partial takings, the government may take only part of the land, but the overall impact of the taking will have a dramatically negative impact. Whether your company faces the complete taking of your land or a partial taking, we will work with experts to determine the fair market value of this loss. Whether your case is ultimately resolved through negotiations or in trial, our law firm will be with you each step of the way.

Inverse Condemnation Matters

Similar to eminent domain, inverse condemnation involves the government intruding on a property owner's rights without actually taking the property. For instance, if the government zones land in a way that does not allow a business owner to derive any value from the land, this could be a case of inverse condemnation. From a procedural standpoint, inverse condemnation matters are distinctly different from eminent domain cases. Our law firm is well-equipped to meet these challenges and help you recover full compensation for this loss.

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