Corporate Director And Officer Liability In Texas

Directors and officers are agents of their corporations or partnerships. Although these powers allow directors or officers to enter into agreements on behalf of their companies, these individuals may be held personally liable without proper legal protection. At Mastriani Law Firm, PC, we help officers and directors take appropriate steps to limit personal liability.

Our law firm helps businesses in Houston and throughout the Texas Triangle prevent officer liability by ensuring that the proper corporate formalities have been observed, including:

  • No commingling of assets between the corporation and the director or officer
  • Ensuring that the corporation is adequately funded
  • Drafting and reviewing indemnification agreements

Indemnification Agreements And Corporate Liability

Indemnification and corporate liability agreements have numerous complexities, and an agreement that is improperly drafted can fail to provide directors and officers with the legal and financial protection they need.

With more than 25 years of experience, our The Mastriani Law Firm, know the nuances of corporate law and can help ensure that directors and officers are not subject to lawsuits that are aimed at the company. Failing to talk with an attorney could cost you a fortune down the road. Our law firm strives to preserve our clients' wealth and protect their dreams. Every step we take will be geared toward helping you realize your dreams.

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