Form An LLC In Texas

Limited liability companies (LLC) are one of the most popular forms of business, offering a number of advantages to all types of companies. LLCs, just like corporations and partnerships, require a great deal of planning in order to be set up properly.

John Mastriani is well aware of the stresses and challenges that go along with starting and running your own business and has been providing legal tools to Texas businesses for over 25 years.

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Forming The Foundations Of Business

Deciding on the form of your business can be a complicated decision. Before settling on a form, you must consider a variety of factors including the number of shareholders involved, long-term goals, financing and more.

An LLC has a number of advantages over other forms of business. Here are some of the LLC's advantages:

  • With an LLC you can avoid the higher corporate income tax rates
  • An LLC insulates owners from personal liability for the debts of the company
  • LLCs offer flexibly in designating ownership/member shares.

Despite its benefits, LLCs aren't best for every entrepreneur. In a consultation with Mastriani Law Firm, PC, you can learn about the best option for you.

A Local, Personal Approach

In any business formation process, having a experienced Business lawyer is invaluable. It's not enough to hire a CPA to balance the books. A lawyer can help develop a solid legal framework for your company so that it will thrive in the future.

John Mastriani has a long history of client work that involves both predicting and planning for eventualities in the future to ensure clients are fully protected.

Affordable Prices

Mastriani Law Firm, PC, offers affordable prices for all of our business services. The firm is able to offer lower prices because of its efficient and streamlined business form. When the firm saves money, Mastriani Law Firm, PC, passes the savings on to clients.

It doesn't matter if you need advice regarding the tax consequences of forming your LLC or in filling out the legal paperwork; you need to get in touch with John Mastriani. Call (713) 766-5668 for your free initial consultation.